Vietnamese food – Vietnamese goodness

Food is an important part in forming unique culture of Vietnam. It is true to say that without sampling local food, you have not truly visited the country.

The best food in Vietnam cannot be found in luxury restaurants or hotels. To taste the most authentic delicacies, it is better to eat in small places which are tucked away on small alleys or on narrow pavement. It is a common thing to see well-dressed ladies sitting in plastic stools for their lunch and formally worn gentlemen drinking beer on pavement after their work shift. This beautiful country has a lot more to offer other than pho – the famous dish that has been listed by CNN Travel as one of the most delicious food in the world.

1. Grilled-pork vermicelli

Grilled-pork vermicelli (Bun cha) is the favorite dish of almost of foreign visitors. It includes 3 integral parts: rice vermicelli, barbecue pork and a secret family recipe sauce with slice green papaya and carrot. It is perfect match with crunchy spring rolls and fresh herbs. The well combination of ingredients of Bun cha can satisfy even the pickiest eater.

2. Vietnamese version of baguette

Vietnamese version of baguette

Baguette was brought to Vietnam by the French in 1800s, but the Vietnamese takes it to a different level and turns it into symbol of street food. The Vietnamese version of baguette (Banh mi) is ubiquitous in every city across the country and is generally served to go. It is sold almost exclusively by vendors on pavements, near bus top and outside schools. The baguettes are often filled with variety of ingredient, depends on region. Basic fillings include family-formula marinated pork, pork liver pate, butter, pickled veggies and herbs. Regional variations involve adding toppings such as sausage, fried egg, steam pork rolls (cha lua) and various other condiments. Baguette ideally should be soft, hot and crunchy. It sounds simple but once you have tried one, you will never want to come back with the regular boring sandwiches.

3. Flat noodle summer rolls

Flat noodle summer rolls

Flat noodle summer rolls (pho cuon) packages the characteristic and flavours of Pho and summer rolls (goi cuon). It is made from sheets of fresh uncut Pho, wrapping around stir-fried beef, vegetable, herbs and lettuce. This dish tastes best with a dipping sauce with sliced green papaya.

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