Phu Quoc – A paradise island

We board the boat to Phu Quoc Island at An Thoi harbor. It takes about 15 minutes from the island wharf to Duong Dong town by motorbike. Before reaching the town, I have the opportunity to see the daily life here, passing by small houses, fruit gardens and shady coconut trees.

Duong Dong town is situated near a sandy beach where local people often take morning walks and enjoy the sunshine on the Dinh Cau cape. Here stand my hotel with a sea view room. For a double room, price is around VND 1,000,000, a reasonable price booked via our Italian friend working in Eviva Tour Vietnam.

Dinh Cau cape.

Duong Dong is the most bustling town in the Emerald Island with a wide selection of restaurants and services. It is famous for its night markets, which display an array of inexpensive fresh seafood, attracting a large number of visitors every night, from 6 to 10 PM.

You can rent a motorbike to tour the island. The red soil path from Duong Dong to An Thoi runs along the coast with white sandy dunes and high green coconut trees. You will come across numerous pearl farms where you can buy some souvenirs for family and friends.

An Thoi town near the wharf is also undeveloped. There are hotels and resorts along the 150km coast from An Thoi with magnificent beaches, extensive sandy coast and big waves. The resorts are set on the beach. Sea view rooms with modern comforts are priced from VND 1,200,000. One of the most remarkable seaside resorts on the island is Bai Sao located by a clean blue water beach. After swimming with small fishes in the sea, you can enjoy delicious seafood at a reasonable price in the restaurant. Do not forget to try the shark hotpot and sea-chestnut – a specialty only found in Phu Quoc.

Sao Beach, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

When exploring the island, do not forget to bring your swimwear so that you can jump into the sea any time and play in the breaking waves. A picnic with your family or friends on a deserted beach will make an unforgettable memory. You can also immerse yourself in nature or discover the fabulous coral reefs in Hon Thom and Hon Roi. About ten minutes from Hon Thom by boat, the squid-fishing village comes alive at night with dozens of fishing boats lit up like fireflies.

Hon Thom

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