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Best Coffee to Buy in Vietnam

Best Coffee to Buy in Vietnam

Vietnam is world-famous for its coffee culture and high-quality coffee beans. As the world’s second largest coffee producer, Vietnam offers a wide variety of delicious coffees for visitors to try and buy as souvenirs. This article will provide an overview of Vietnamese coffee culture, recommend the best coffee brands and types to buy in Vietnam, highlight famous Vietnamese coffee styles to taste, suggest where to find great coffee in different cities, and answer frequently asked questions about Vietnamese coffee.

What is coffee culture like in Vietnam?

Coffee has a long and rich history in Vietnam. The French introduced coffee to Vietnam in the 19th century when Vietnam was part of French Indochina. Since then, coffee production and consumption has steadily grown. Today, coffee is an integral part of Vietnamese culture and daily life.

It’s common to see locals and tourists alike relaxing at a neighborhood cafe or coffee shop. The cafe culture here is lively and communal – friends and family often gather to bond over Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk or a cup of hot cafe sua da (coffee with sweetened condensed milk). For many Vietnamese, coffee breaks are part of the daily routine and a chance for social connections.

Coffee is also tied closely with agriculture in Vietnam as millions rely on coffee farming for their livelihoods. Robusta coffee accounts for 97% of Vietnam’s coffee production while the remaining 3% is Arabica coffee. The largest coffee-growing regions are the Central Highlands, South East region, and Mekong Delta area. Buon Ma Thuot in the Central Highlands is considered Vietnam’s “coffee capital”.

Best Coffee Brands to Buy in Vietnam

Vietnam offers a diverse range of local and foreign coffee brands that make for great gifts and souvenirs. Here are some of the best and most iconic coffee brands to buy during your Vietnam trip:

Coffee Trung Nguyen

Trung Nguyen is one of Vietnam’s leading coffee brands, famous for authentic Vietnamese coffee blends marketed to domestic and overseas consumers. Their coffees consistently win international awards. Some popular picks include:

  • Legendee – Robusta blend infused with coffee flower scent
  • G7 3in1 Instant Coffee – Sweet and creamy instant coffee packs
  • Passiona merged coffee & chocolate – Smooth coffee-choco drink


Vinacafe is a popular brand of coffee in Vietnam. It was founded in 1968 and is renowned for its traditional Vietnamese coffee products. Vinacafe produces a range of coffee products, including instant coffee mixes and ground coffee. Vietnamese coffee is known for its unique taste, which is often characterized by its bold, rich flavor and the use of robusta coffee beans. Vinacafe has become a well-established and trusted brand within Vietnam and is widely consumed both domestically and internationally. Favorites include:

  • Vinacafé Gold Original: Strong classic Vietnamese Robusta blend
  • Vinacafé Gold Strong Flavor: Bolder version for intense coffee lovers
  • Vinacafé Gold Extra Strong Flavor: Robusta blend with highest caffeine kick
  • Vinacafé 3in1 Original Buon Ma Thuot: Pre-mixed instant coffee with creamer & sugar

Nescafé Instant Coffee

Nescafé Instant Coffee is a popular brand of instant coffee that has a significant presence in Vietnam. It is known for its convenience, as it can be quickly prepared by adding hot water. Nescafé offers a variety of flavors and options, including classic blends and specialty variations like cappuccino and mocha. Many Vietnamese people enjoy Nescafé Instant Coffee as a quick and easy way to enjoy a cup of coffee at home, in offices, or on the go. As a globally recognized brand, Nescafé also sells popular instant coffee blends attuned to Vietnamese preferences like:

  • NESCAFÉ 3in1: Instant coffee with creamer and sugar
  • NESCAFÉ Café Viet: Localized smoother instant coffee

Must-Try Famous Vietnamese Coffees

Vietnam is known for its unique and delicious coffee culture. Here are some must-try famous Vietnamese coffees:

1. Traditional Vietnamese Coffee (Cà phê đen): This is a strong and robust coffee typically brewed using a metal drip filter called a “phin.” It is served with condensed milk, creating a perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavors.

2. Egg Coffee (Cà phê trứng): Originating from Hanoi, this unique coffee is made by whisking egg yolks with condensed milk and pouring the creamy mixture over dark, brewed coffee. It has a smooth and velvety texture with a touch of sweetness.

3. Coconut Coffee (Cà phê cốt dừa): A refreshing twist to the traditional coffee, coconut coffee features a layer of coconut cream on top of strong black coffee. It offers a rich and creamy taste with a hint of tropical flavor.

4. Yogurt Coffee (Sữa chua cà phê): A delightful combination of yogurt and coffee, this drink is made by layering creamy yogurt and strong coffee. The contrasting flavors and textures make it a popular choice, especially during hot weather.

5. Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cà phê đá): This is a classic Vietnamese coffee that is enjoyed over ice. It involves brewing coffee with a phin filter and serving it over a glass filled with ice. Condensed milk is often added to balance the intense coffee flavor.

These coffees reflect the creativity and distinctiveness of Vietnamese coffee culture. Don’t miss the chance to taste these delicious flavors when you visit Vietnam!

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Vietnam

Vietnam’s major cities all offer fantastic cafes and artisan coffee shops to experience authentic Vietnamese coffee.

Best Coffee Shops in Hanoi

Here are some renowned coffee shops you can visit:

  • Cong Caphe: Known for its rustic, Vietnam War-inspired decor and strong coffee.
  • Trung Nguyen Legend Café: A famous Vietnamese coffee chain offering a wide range of traditional coffee options.
  • The Note Coffee: A unique café decorated with colorful sticky notes left by visitors, known for its cozy ambiance and great coffee.
  • Giang Café: Renowned for its signature egg coffee, a must-try Vietnamese specialty.
  • Cafe Pho Co: Nestled in a hidden alleyway, this café serves delicious coffee while providing a tranquil, ancient Hanoi atmosphere.
  • Hanoi House Café: Offers a comfortable setting with friendly staff and flavorful coffee.
  • Xofa Café & Bistro: A trendy place with a cozy vibe, perfect for relaxation while enjoying your favorite coffee.
  • RuNam Bistro: Known for its elegant ambiance and a great selection of premium Vietnamese coffee.

These are just a few suggestions, but Hanoi has numerous coffee shops for you to explore and discover. Enjoy your coffee journey!

Best Coffee Shops in Ho Chi Minh City

Here are a few options you might want to check out:

  • The Workshop: Located in District 1, The Workshop is known for its high-quality coffee beans sourced from around the world. They offer a variety of brewing methods and have a cozy atmosphere.
  • The Vintage Emporium: Situated in District 2, The Vintage Emporium is a charming coffee shop that serves excellent coffee and delicious pastries. The decor is unique, giving a retro vibe.
  • L’Usine: Positioned in District 1, L’Usine is not only a coffee shop but also a boutique store. It has a stylish interior, and their coffee selection is highly regarded. It’s a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing through local designs.
  • Cafe Apartment: Nestled in District 1, Cafe Apartment is a multi-level building that houses several coffee shops on different floors. It offers a wide range of choices, and the rooftop view is breathtaking.
  • Shin Coffee: With multiple branches across the city, Shin Coffee is known for its Vietnamese specialty coffee. They have passionate baristas who can take you through the rich coffee culture of Vietnam.

Remember to check their operating hours and availability before visiting, as some places might have restrictions or changes due to various reasons. Enjoy exploring the vibrant coffee scene in Ho Chi Minh City!

Best Coffee Shops In Hoi An

Here are a few highly recommended options:

  • Cong Ca Phe Hoi An – Historic ancient town outlet of popular cafe chain
  • Rosie’s Cafe: Located on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Rosie’s Cafe is known for its cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious food and beverages. It offers a nice blend of Vietnamese and Western dishes, along with a variety of coffee options.
  • Reaching Out Tea House: Situated on Tran Phu Street, this unique tea house offers a tranquil ambiance and serves a wide selection of aromatic teas. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a peaceful conversation.
  • Mia Coffee: Tucked away on Nguyen Quang Bich Street, Mia Coffee stands out with its charming decor and relaxed vibe. They serve excellent Vietnamese coffee and tasty pastries, making it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.
  • Hoi An Roastery Espresso: With multiple branches in the town, Hoi An Roastery is famous for its freshly roasted coffee. The atmosphere is trendy and vibrant, and their menu extends to sandwiches, cakes, and light meals as well.

Please note that while these cafes are highly regarded, personal preferences may vary. Don’t hesitate to explore further and discover your own favorite spot in Hoi An’s Old Town!

FAQ: Vietnamese Coffee

Is Vietnamese coffee strong?

Yes, Vietnamese coffee is usually stronger tasting than Western coffee styles. That’s because it’s brewed with almost 100% Robusta beans containing 2x more caffeine than Arabica. The small metal drip filters also efficiently extract flavor. Locals love the intense aroma and caffeine boost.

Why is coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk?

The French introduced condensed milk to Vietnam since fresh milk was limited. The Vietnamese eventually fell in love with ca phe sua – hot coffee with condensed milk. The sweet creaminess balances bitter coffee and alters its flavor for a unique tasting experience.

What is weasel coffee/civet coffee?

Ca phe chon refers to coffee beans that are eaten and excreted by weasels/civets. Enzymes in their digestive system impart a special taste to these “pooped beans”, which are then collected and sold. Ca phe chon is very expensive given the uncommon production process. Most visitors consider it a novelty rather than an everyday affair.

Are homestays a good way to learn about coffee culture?

Yes! Homestays at local farms are a fantastic, immersive way to see coffee agriculture firsthand and enjoy Vietnamese coffee culture. Visitors can tour lush plantations, taste freshly roasted beans, try harvesting/grinding coffee themselves, and enjoy homecooked food and coffee with welcoming resident hosts.


With its fantastic coffee culture, quintessential coffee houses, and diverse range of local brands and artisan makers, Vietnam is a coffee lover’s paradise. Coffee here is intricately woven into local history and daily Vietnamese lifestyle. From the delicious cafe sua da iced milk coffee enjoyed roadside or iconic establishments like egg coffee cafes in Hanoi, visitors will discover Vietnam’s celebrated coffee is much more than a drink but an incredible cultural experience.

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