Cam Thanh Coconut Village – A guide to Hoi An Coconut Village

Cam Thanh village

Located just a few kilometers from Hoi An’s Old Town, Cam Thanh Coconut Village is a must-visit for any traveler wanting to experience the real countryside of Vietnam. Surrounded by lush rice paddies, banana and coconut groves, the village provides a tranquil escape from the bustling Ancient Town. Read on for our complete guide on the top things to see and do in Hoi An’s Coconut Village.

Overview of Hoi An Coconut Village

Where is Hoi An Coconut Village?

Cam Thanh Coconut Village is located around 3km east of Hoi An’s Old Town, nestled between the Thu Bon River and the East Sea. It sits within Cam Thanh commune, a collection of three small villages – Cam Thanh, Cam Ha, and Cam Kim. The area is easily accessible by bicycle, motorbike, taxi or guided tour.

The ride takes you past banana plantations, rice fields and water coconut palms that this area has become famous for. The rich, fertile soil makes this the vegetable basket for Hoi An town. It provides a unique glimpse into rural Vietnamese life.

What is Hoi An Coconut Village famous for?

Cam Thanh is part of the larger Hoi An eco-tourism site which encompasses over 1,800 hectares of farmland. It has gained fame for its extensive coconut groves and aquaculture.

  • The village is renowned for ‘water coconuts’ – a unique local species whose juice is sweet and fragrant. Visitors can enjoy fresh coconut water straight from the husk or sample coconut-based dishes and drinks.
  • Cam Thanh is also one of the only places cultivating mango and jackfruit crops in Hoi An.
  • An intricate network of canals running through the village has enabled the development of a thriving aquaculture and fishing industry. Key specialties include shrimps, crabs, oysters and squid.
  • The area provides a unique opportunity to experience authentic rural life. Local farmers welcome visitors to try common farming and fishing activities. Popular hands-on experiences include riding water buffaloes, catching shrimp and crabs, and learning to paddle bamboo basket boats.
  • Local women run a co-operative providing insights into traditional crafts such as weaving water hyacinth baskets and grass mats. There’s also the chance to join cooking classes whipping up Hoi An specialties.

Best things to do in Hoi An Coconut Village

Take a basket boat ride in Bay Mau Coconut Forest

No visit to Cam Thanh Coconut Village is complete without a boat ride through Bay Mau, its beautiful water coconut palm forest.

As you gently paddle through the canal in your little round basket-shaped boat, known as a thung chai, you are surrounded by thousands of thin-trunked palm trees. Their canopy of leaves and coconuts form a scenic green tunnel.

The boat ride lasts around 30-40 minutes, taking you to the heart of the forest. Along the way, your local boat rower will tell you more about this unique palm species and their precious water coconuts.

You’ll also get to stop and try fresh young coconut on the way. It’s an incredibly scenic, peaceful experience and fantastic photo opportunity.

Participate in a Vietnamese cooking class

Taking part in a cooking class is one of the top things to do in Hoi An Coconut Village. It provides the ultimate insight into rural Vietnamese food culture and local specialties.

Classes are run by village locals and held either in their traditional houses or out in the garden. With the help of an English translator, the hosts first take you to see village life and farming methods up close. You’ll gain an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into those tasty ingredients!

Then comes the fun part – donning traditional hats and aprons to start cooking! Classes typically let you create four dishes including signature Hoi An specialties like cao lau noodles, white rose dumplings or banh bao vac quail egg dumplings.

Expect plenty of laughs and surprises as you try kneading dough and cooking over a small fire or BBQ grill. It’s a super fun experience ending with a shared meal sampling all those tasty creations!

Attend a handicraft workshop

Visiting local handicraft workshops lets you dive deeper into Vietnamese culture and cottage industries. Cam Thanh village is renowned for its talented craftswomen who have mastered the intricate art of water hyacinth weaving.

At family-run cooperatives, you can try your hand at weaving colorful baskets, round trays or placemats using this versatile marsh plant. Water hyacinth has a naturally sturdy yet pliable texture that lends beautifully to weaving.

The village ladies will first show you traditional weaving techniques before letting you loose on a little DIY project – be it a coaster, ornament or mini basket. It’s harder work than it looks but super rewarding to take home your handmade souvenir!

Some workshops also offer grass mat weaving using supple pandan leaves. These traditional mats are used for sitting and sleeping on floors across Asia. Again, you’ll gain new respect for the skill involved in their creation after trying it yourself!

Try paddling a kayak or standup paddleboard

Paddling along the lush waterways surrounding Hoi An Coconut Village provides a fun, active way to explore the area. Kayaks and standup paddleboards can be rented by the hour from various tour agencies in Hoi An.

Most combine paddling through the peaceful palm forest with visiting a local community farm or handicraft workshop. Guides will show you how to balance and paddle before setting you off upstream along jungle-fringed canals.

One of the most scenic routes takes you towards Cam Thanh Water Palm Forest, surrounded by the iconic bowing palms. You’ll also get to float past local homes, see buffaloes bathing and villagers tending their riverside crops. It’s a super relaxing way to soak up gorgeous scenery at your own pace while getting some exercise.

With bigger inflatable boards, you can even take a partner or child along for the ride! No prior experience is necessary.

Go on a bike tour around Cam Thanh Village

Cycling through vibrant Cam Thanh village and surrounds rewards with an intimate look at authentic Vietnamese rural life. Numerous tour agencies and hotels in Hoi An offer guided bike tours of the area tailored to riders of any experience level.

Tours take you meandering along narrow pathways sheltered by banana palms and rice paddies vibrant green in the sunshine. Witness locals going about their daily tasks like buffalo herding, vegetable picking and processing rice. You’ll receive plenty of warm waves and hellos along the way!

Knowledgeable local guides will fill you in on village customs, farming methods and daily routines. Tours typically involve fun stops to sample seasonal tropical fruits or coconut candy straight from the farmer who made it. You may also get to meet artisans weaving baskets or grass mats too.

It’s a relaxed half or full day discovering spectacular landscapes paired with Vietnamese culture and hospitality at its finest! Easy riders can cover 10-15 kilometers while sportier types may pedal over 30.

Experience buffalo riding

For some gleeful fun combined with cultural insight, join a buffalo riding tour through Hoi An’s paddies and gardens! Taking place just outside Cam Thanh Village, locals will teach you how to mount and steer these gentle giants of the field.

Donning traditional rice farmer hats, you’ll meander along compacted earth pathways bordered by emerald rice terraces and vegetable patches. The pace is slow and relaxed – ideal for admiring lush pastoral scenery dotted with wooden houses and waving children.

Part way, you’ll stop to witness an authentic farming scene like locals manually ploughing fields or threshing rice. There are plenty of opportunities for photos atop your placid buffalo companion too.

The riding itself is super comfortable thanks to buffaloes’ flat backs and steady gait. Both kids and seniors can enjoy this cute, memorable rural experience unique to Hoi An’s countryside.

Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to visit Hoi An Coconut Village?

Hoi An Coconut Village can be visited year-round, however the best seasons are spring (February to April) and autumn (October to December).

During these months the weather is relatively dry, making activities like bike riding around the village more comfortable. Temperatures are also balmier compared to the hot, muggy summers.

Autumn brings with it scenes of lush green rice paddies ready for harvest. Visiting in spring allows you to witness farmers ploughing and sowing new crops while flowers like lotus and chrysanthemums are in bloom.

The village celebrates the mid-Autumn Lantern Festival which is also a gorgeous time to visit. No matter when you go, scenic landscapes and heartwarming hospitality await!

How to get to Hoi An Coconut Village?

Reaching lovely Cam Thanh Coconut Village is easy from Hoi An’s Old Town, just 3km away. Here are the best transport options:

  • Bicycle – Rent a bike and pedal slowly through picturesque countryside. Takes around 30 minutes one-way.
  • Motorbike/taxi – Sit back and relax on four wheels getting there in 5-10 minutes. Ideal if cycling long distance is tiring.
  • Basket boats – For something unique, take a round thung chai boat from the pier near An Hoi Bridge directly to Bay Mau Palm Forest in the village (5-10 minutes, small surcharge applies).
  • Organised day tour – Hassle-free option with transport provided. Often combined with cooking classes, cycling, crafts or boat trips.

Look out for our directions signposted with yellow flags or ask any friendly local to point the way through tranquil country backroads.

What to eat in Cam Thanh Village Hoi An?

Visitors flocking to taste authentic country cuisine will not leave Cam Thanh Village disappointed! Fresh, local specialties abound thanks to the area’s expert green thumbs and adept fishing trade:

  • Savor tropical garden herbs like lettuce, mint, basil and chives featured in signature dishes like cao lau noodles, white rose dumplings or banh xeo savory pancakes
  • Crunch into perfect mangoes, jackfruit, dragonfruit and bananas ripened naturally on local farms
  • Slurp back refreshingly sweet water coconut juice straight from freshly chopped husks
  • Sample fish, shrimp, crab and squid dishes caught right in the village’s canals and Tra Que Vegetable Village
  • Indulge a sweet tooth with freshly made coconut candy, sweet glutinous rice or vibrant natural jelly desserts Cooking classes provide the ultimate way to try regional specialties by crafting classic Vietnamese dishes yourself alongside village locals. Time your Hoi An foodie experience around the mid-Autumn festival to witness colorful street hawker stalls at their very best!

Where to stay when visiting Hoi An Coconut Village?

Cam Thanh commune offers some wonderfully peaceful places to rest your head amid gorgeous rural surrounds. Here are top choices near the Coconut Village itself:

  • Vinahouse Coconut Garden – Charming traditional wooden homestay right inside the village, surrounded by coconut palms and gardens. Offers gorgeous canal views and home cooking classes.
  • Coco River Resort & Spa – Stylish 4 star resort nestled alongside the water coconut forest, complete with huge pool, day spa and fine dining. Offers bikes/shuttle bus access into Hoi An.
  • Palm Garden Resort – Spacious resort with enormous pool and tropical-themed bungalows set between Hoi An town and the coconut village. Fantastic facilities like restaurant, bar and spa.

Many Hoi An hotels also provide shuttle buses taking you directly to the Cam Thanh Village pier for boat rides and eco-tours. For total cultural immersion, try an overnight farmstay experience out in the paddies!


Just a short ride from vibrant Hoi An lies the peaceful gem that is Cam Thanh Coconut Village, providing a serene glimpse at real Vietnamese countryside. Wander shady palm groves by boat or bike, connect with friendly locals over crafts or cookery, and try succulent coconuts fresh from the source. Its smiling hospitality and photogenic landscapes never fail to enchant visitors. Hopefully our guide gives you the perfect introduction to this must-see corner of Hoi An.

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