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Dog Racing in Vung Tau, Vietnam

Vung Tau is a place of interest for swimmers at weekends, in addition, visitors to Vung Tau are also interested in a varied program of nightly entertainment in the bustling city. However, few people may know about dog racing – one of the most unique and interesting entertainment in this beautiful coastal city..

Dog racing which takes place in Vung Tau is an exclusive dog racing in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Racing dogs are Greyhound dogs, which are hunting dogs originating from Ireland. Greyhound dogs are bred in Australia and then given to dog racecourses in Vung Tau and many other countries. Every day, Greyhound dogs practice swimming in a pool and running along long race tracks. Dog are practiced to get used to strong lights and noise so that they do not panic when entering official races filled with intense rousing cheers. After 5 months of training, Greyhound dogs can participate in racing and continue to race for 4 years at maximum.

On Saturday, many visitors of all nationalities flock to Vung Tau. Usually tourists love to visit historical monuments located around the city such as the White Palace, battlefield in Big Mountain, a big statue of Jesus Christ located at the peak of Tao Phung, Buddha Shakyamuni landscape or swimming in deep blue sea. But, don’t miss dog racing which takes place from 19 h 30 to 22 h 30 in Lam Son stadium (located at 15, Le Loi St.). Let’s make your heart pounding while watching “athlete” dog at a drastic run during 3 hours (10 rounds).

Besides dog racing – watching, many people would love to stake on this game of chance. Before choosing which dog you bet on, you are given a booklet which introduces about each dog in details. You must be crazily happy when your selected dog is the winner. While dogs are running on the race track, you can comfortably screaming and cheering for your favorite dog. Such an interesting game makes you feel removed from stressful day – to – day works.

Author: Linh Thao

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