Where should young people travel in Vietnam?

Sapa panoramic view

Vietnam is a wonderful country that is rich in natural beauty and culture. If you want to get there but still do not know where to go because of the budget, let us help you deal with this problem. There are 6 destinations that have attracted so many young people to explore you might consider.

1-Sapa, the incredible nature

Sapa is the first place you must come because its beauty would make you totally surprised. Moreover, this location is the perfect spot for trekking that is suitable for young people who have a passion for discovering. There is a fantastic Fansipan Peak, which is a challenge for you to conquer. In addition, Sapa holds a lot of traditional villages as well as the cultural diversity of Vietnamese ethnic groups, so that the best opportunity for you to learn more about not only culture but also the Vietnamese people.

2-Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam

Visit Hanoi, Vietnam

You might not want to miss Hanoi when traveling to Vietnam because it is the capital and the center of culture, sport, information, and entertainment. Hanoi has 2 opposite sides: one is the ancient culture and the other is modern life. When you are in Hanoi, you can recognize the changing of life here between the ancient houses in the Old Quarter combined with the amazing and luxurious buildings. Hanoi never stops to develop minute by minute but still tries to preserve the traditional values of ancestors. You must immerse yourself in the Hanoi best such as traffic, lifestyle, food, people, etc. These will be the nicest memories you can not forget.

3-Pu Luong, an ideal place to explore

Pu Luong

Pu Luong is the new destination not only for travelers but also for Vietnamese. This fascinating place owns a lot of attractive spots that represent Vietnamese culture as well as the gorgeous landscape. While visiting Pu Luong, you would be able to join paddling the bamboo raft along the Cham River and discovering about the huge water wheels that are only used in Vietnam. In addition, you can drop by many glorious waterfalls or yellow rice paddy terraces as well. Pu Luong would be the magnificent painting of Mother Nature that you must visit once in your lifetime.

4-Hoi An, the ancient city

Walk on Hoi An Old Quarter

Walk on Hoi An Old Quarter

You might not be surprised because Hoi An is the famous destination that all the world knows. Hoi An seems to be one of the most ancient cities in Vietnam at the moment. Walking along the Thu Bon River or the lantern streets with your friends would be an exciting experience.

5-Ho Chi Minh City, the sleepless City

Ho Chi Minh City, which brings the name of Uncle Ho is well-known for its development as the richest and most crowded in Vietnam. You would be astonished because of numerous contemporary skyscrapers and modern shopping malls. Opposite to the hustle and bustle of life, the people of Saigon are so friendly and humorous. Ho Chi Minh City is known as the worth-living city in Vietnam because it is an ideal environment to combine life, work, and entertainment.

6-Da Lat, Vietnam’s city of love

After a long journey in rush cities, you would relax and regain your battery by losing your spirit and body in Da Lat. This is a peaceful city in highland Vietnam so that its climate is truly fresh, cool, and comfortable. You can discover the romantic pine forests where they have the love stories or walk around Xuan Huong Lake and enjoy the quiet and elegance of the city of love. Furthermore, you can go down to the valleys and contemplate the glorious landscape of Da Lat that you will find hard to forget.

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