Known to be fooled at the airport, what should you do?

Arrival Immigration in Noi Bai airport

Hello my dear!

In May 2019, I got an invitation to a children’s forum from a friend and prepared all things needed just for sure everything will be perfect for my trip to Vietnam. But unluckily i met trouble about visa after landing, hence, there are no reasons to keep it in private instead of sharing to people from all walks of life so here is my story:

Everyone knows if you do not come from the exempted countries, the visa is the first thing you need to prepare. Applying for a visa is one of the most time-consuming steps to travel abroad. There is so much helpful information posted on the internet that you can search for like the type of visa you need, how many ways to apply for Vietnam visa?,…

In order to save time because my arrival date is only a few days away so applying via the company is the best way. After sending my detail information and paid USD 45 for a 1-month single visa, I received a confirmation email with a code is 123-XXX so bring it to the airport but VOA counter staffs said there is no information on their system. At this time, I figured out something is not true about it and tried to contact the website hotline/email but no one picked up the phone.

I was extremely upset and squirmed under selecting a trustworthy visa service to re-apply, however luckily, my friend told me about a travel agency website in which i can apply for urgent service within a few hours. After receiving details of applying for a Vietnam visa, i contacted directly with and in fact, their service is really quick, professional, efficient and caring and it only costs USD 13 for visa service and USD 20 for express service. The staff asked me a lot about my circumstances and tried her best to get the result as soon as possible for me. After 1 hour and a half, an approval letter was sent directly to my mail then followed their instructions to get a visa.

Vietnam is a wonderful country with the best scenes, stunning pictures and hospitality people. In order to reduce your time at the Vietnam airport, you should consider Fast track and car service which can apply at the website with visa service.

Hope you have a great trip!

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