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Guides to explore Quan Lan island

Quan Lan Island (Quang Ninh) is known as a beautiful destination which attracts tourist by unspoiled landscapes. The island also has many cultural relics and historical trace of the time when people was struggling to protect the country . Let explore this wonderful place with EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM.

Going from the mainland to Quan Lan Island

To travel to Quan Lan Island, you can choose high speed boat from Cai Rong (Van Don District) After about 1 and a half hour on high speed boat, visitors will arrive Quan Lan Island. Another way to travel to Quan Lan is departing from Hon Gai wharf (Bach Dang Ward, Ha Long city). It takes 4-5 hours on ferry to get to Quan Lan Island.

Discover Quan Lan Island

First-time visitor will be impressed by the vehicle of local people called tuk tuk (a 3 wheel vehicles).There are many tuk tuk driver for you to choose at the wharf. After bargaining the price, they will take you to Quan Lan center on beautiful roads which pass white sand dunes, forests and charming beaches.

Quan Lan island-2

Explore beautiful beaches.

Coming to Quan Lan in summer, an indispensable destination is Son Hao beach which is not far from the town center. This is a pristine beach with thick, smooth sand, and cool water. Guests can also enjoy the fresh seafood.

Tan Doai Fish Market

Tourists can walk to the wharf to visit and purchase seafood at the Tan Doai fish market.

Cycling around the island

One way to explore the island is hiring a bicycle (70.000-80.000 VND / day) riding around the island, visiting forests and Minh Chau beach.

Where to stay?

Staying at Quan Lan, visitors can stay at beach resort near to Son Hao beach which belongs to Van Hai Viglacera Company.

Another option is equally interesting – homestay (stay with local family), you’ll eat and sleep in the local house.

Some necessary information for Quan Lan Island tour:

– Vehicles:

1. Ferry from Hon Gai – Quan Lan (2 boats / day): Departs daily at 10:30 and 14:00, ticket price: 120.000 – 150.000 VND, running time: from 4 – 5 hours

2. Speedboat from Cai Rong – Quan Lan: Departs at 8:00 am and 14:00 pm daily, price: 180.000 VND, running time: 1 hour

Contact for bookings: 033.2473536, Cellphone: 0168.655.2222

– Accommodation:

1. Resorts of Van Hai Viglacera, Son Hao, Quan Lan commune. Contact: 0904.654.678
2. Hotel Minh Hang, Thai Hoa village, Quan Lan commune. Contact: 0912.000.207
3. Hotel Ann, Dong Nam Village, Quan Lan, price: from 400-700.000/room.

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