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5 best destinations for traveling alone in Vietnam

For many different reasons, today traveling alone has become a hobby of many young people, not just young people in Vietnam and also people from abroad.

The first criteria when selecting destination to traveling alone usually is a comfort to express yourself freely. Therefore, pristine island and land where people live but not too crowded usually are on list. Moreover, it should be a “name” that has been on the tourist map to guarantee the safety and attractiveness of the trip. With that criteria, below locations would be perfect for traveling alone. Let’s find out 5 best places in Vietnam for your adventure with Eviva Tour Vietnam.

1. Con Dao Island, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Con Dao Vietnam

As one of 10 pristine and attractive islands on planet was voted by famous travel magazine Lonely Planet, Con Dao is really attractive destination even if you just go alone. It is recognized by many domestic and foreign tourists who love sightseeing and exploring nature.

You can rent motorbikes or bicycles to explore on your own around the island without concern about security issues. Islands like Hon Bay Canh, Hon Tai, Hon Tre, Hon Trung, Hon Trac, Hon Cau are ideal places to explore the fascinating underwater world, coral reef with the highest density Vietnam. If you like exploring, you can conquer Rada, walk through the forest and go down to Ong Dung beach, or visit Con Dao prison – a historical destination cannot be ignored.

2. Cu Lao Cham, Quang Nam

Cu Lao Cham

Located nearly 20 km from Hoi An and about 40 km from the city of Da Nang, Cu Lao Cham is untouched destination but also quite attractive. Cu Lao Cham has diverse coral ecosystem, white sandy beaches and clear blue sea.

Moreover, the experience of traveling alone will give you a peaceful moment as the daily lives of people here. Market is bustling with fishing boats are fully loaded with seafood. Local people are very busy buying and selling. In the afternoon, let’s blue water surrounds you, massage your body. You can also lie on the beach to enjoy the early sun light.

3. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

phu quoc island

Phu Quoc has many small islands located around the main island. Do not forget to visit the “Nha Thung” – fish sauce factory, pearl farms and kennels of Phu Quoc .

Traveling in Phu Quoc alone will give you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air of the primitive forest, to contemplate plants and animals that nature has awarded this beautiful island.

4. Ly Son, Quang Ngai

Ly Son Island

Ly Son is not really a tourist paradise but it will be a meaningful experience for you. Ly Son not only attracts tourists by wild beauty but also by the aroma of garlic, onion which can only be grown in this island.

Coming to Ly Son and enjoying the infinite space of sea and sky, you will feel the proud of country’s sovereignty.

5. Lang Co, Hue

lang co beach

With ancient characteristic of Hue, Lang Co beach can become “soul mate” for those who love to travel alone. Coming to Lang Co, you will find moments of peace and relaxation. You not only can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of nature but also visit famous attractions such as Chan May Beach or Chan Bach Ma National Park.

by Quy Hoai

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