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Blooming buckwheat flowers in Xi Man

Xi Man is where many people choose to watch more flowers. Xi Man district is located in the northwest of Ha Giang. To the north it borders China, west of Si Ma Cai district, Bac Ha and BaoYen Lao Cai Province, Hoang Su Phi east and south of Ha Giang, Bac Quang.

Xi-Man-hoa-tam-giac-mach-2 Xi-Man-hoa-tam-giac-mach-3 Xi-Man-hoa-tam-giac-mach-4 Xi-Man-hoa-tam-giac-mach-5 Xi-Man-hoa-tam-giac-mach-6 Xi-Man-hoa-tam-giac-mach-7 Xi-Man-hoa-tam-giac-mach-8

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