Co Island – Interesting Eco-Destination

You are looking for a new and unique place which brings you a special painting of nature. If so, Co Island located in Thanh Mien District, Hai Duong Province must be your answer.

Before discovering its beauty, let us tell you a legend story about the Co Island’s existence. It was said that in the early of fifteenth century, many harsh cataclysms destroyed the dikes along the Red River at least 3 times. In the second destruction, it created a floating island in the middle of Red River. And then “Where there is good land, the birds will perch”, many flamingoes, cauldrons and other birds flocked over there. Times passed times; the number of birds is incredibly increasing and diversified.

Co Island located in Thanh Mien District

If you pay a visit here, you will surely feel like mixture with the nature. The twitters mix well with both the leaves murmur, winds, and insects buzz. It makes a great symphony to enjoy the nature life and forget all your busy life behind. Also the birds covering the whole sky look picturesque. It is so amazing to witness the baby stocks learn how to fly from their parents. It is so beautiful. You can discover much more…

In addition, the peacefulness here will impress you much. An Duong Lake in this island has many fishes and many aquatic species, even some of them listed in the Red Book of Viet Nam.

With above reasons, Co Island is truly one of the must-go places you should visit if you want to enjoy with nature.

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