Don’t while staying in Vietnam

A perfect trip is created not only from things that you do when traveling, but it also comes from the knowledge about things you should not do. Here are a few things that you should not do when traveling Vietnam:

• Don’t give sweets and candies to the local children you meet when trekking through ethnic minority villages because many of these people do not have access to dental health. If you would like to, then give paper, clothes, etc. You should ask your guide to take you to the local school and give them to the teacher and she/he will help you to give these things to the kids.

• Don’t lose your temper when bargaining for a purchase in public. You should always maintain a cool and happy demeanor and attitude so you will be reciprocated with the same and receive good things from people.

• Don’t wear dresses, shorts, skirts, or tops with low-neck lines and bare shoulders while coming to Temples and Pagodas. Otherwise, you will be considered extremely rude and offensive. People will think that you do not respect them, their ancestors and their belief.

• Don’t try and take photographs of military installations or anything associated to military. This can be understood as a breach or problem of national security.

• Don’t venture out from your hotel with more cash than you really need for that day. It is not something to be paranoid about. Bring a lot of cash will make yourself a target for pickpockets or drive-by bag snatchers in the big cities. Ho Chi Minh City seems to be a little worse than anywhere else in Vietnam. However, it is still one of the safest countries you could wish to travel in.

• Don’t sleep or sit with the soles of your feet pointing towards the family altar in someone’s house. That action will make Vietnamese think that you are insulting and disrespect their ancestors. That can easily lead you and the family you visit to bad things.

Those are things you should not do when traveling Vietnam. You can get this information from many different websites and from many different tour companies. I got this information from the EVIVA TOUR – where I have used their services for my trip. They explained and gave me a lot of useful information. I’ve had wonderful days in Vietnam with the help of EVIVA TOUR.

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