Completely got a Work Permit in Vietnam!

Work Permit in Vietnam

I hope my blog post would help someone out there who might want to work in Vietnam in a long-term period has the best option.

I want to introduce about myself. I’m Andrea and I’m American. I worked in the IT field for a company here for 5 years. After that, because I wanted to innovate to another place,I decided to choose a firm in Vietnam after finding out this country IT’s industry is growing continuously recently. After interviews and test, fortunately, I was recruited into the job.

When I discuss with my new boss about visa, he told me that the company would provide me with a business visa (3-month), in that time, I had to get Work Permit owing to the fact that I will work here for more than 3 months. As for the company, they will take care of the following documents: The Vietnam Work Permit application form, Work Contract, Approval from the Committee which allows them to employ foreign workers, Business Registration Certificate.

As my part, when I went online to find out about Work Permit, I realized I had to gather a bunch of supporting document myself. It was really troublesome! Therefore, I intended to have a travel company to assist me, because as you know I would have to make up with my new job, and may not have enough time. I asked my boss whether he knew some reliable agencies or not, he introduced me to the company. He told me that I could finish the preparation process, then give all the files to them, that would be faster. This idea is not bad, so I look for their information to contact their staff directly via video calls.

Following their advice, I must get a Criminal Record Check before I head to Vietnam, owing to the fact that I only can get Vietnamese Policy Check if I have been living in Vietnam for at least 6 months (so it was impossible for me). I got and legalized it at my State police department which locates in 600 19th St. NW Washington, DC 20006. The cost and process will depend on your state.

The second step was a bit difficult in my opinion. I had to contact my former employer to get documents that prove I had been working there for 5 years.

While waiting for all the documents, I went to my familiar photography store to take 02 photos. But it is not indiscriminate shooting, you must follow their specification, here is it: 4 cm x 6 cm with white background; You must be in the center; If you wear headgear for religious purposes or you have a wig, you may keep it in the picture but must also be wearing on arrival. Besides, don’t wear glasses.

About health certificate, also advised me not to get a health check in US but go back to Vietnam because it is cheaper and does not take time to get the certificate legalized. When I returned to Vietnam I got a health check at Bach Mai hospital. The hospital was quite crowded, especially at the weekend, so I advise you to go early instead of waiting for long time. The cost ranges from VND 1-2 million.

I think the most time-consuming part for me is this documents preparing process, as it can take you up to 1 month, so arrange your time properly.

After gathering all necessary documents, I brought it to and they will handle it by submitting them at the offices of the Vietnam Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Society. I could get the result like after 15 days with affordable price.

After all, getting a work permit is not an easy process, if you have a company to back up you, it will be much easier.

by Andrea

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