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My Vietnam visa experience

I have just spent a summer vacation in Vietnam. I really enjoyed the trip, but one thing I found rather confused was how to apply Vietnam visa. Therefore I decided to share my real experience here.

At first I went to Vietnam embassy to apply visa; but the officers asked me to leave my passport there and came back after few days after having been processed. As my schedule was so narrow, I decided to try the online service of vietnam visa on arrival instead. Also it came to my notice that vietnam visa on arrival is different from others country, for example, you cannot arrive Vietnam and then get a visa in the airport like in Thailand. I had to apply visa in advance through the online service provider addressed and then received a pre-approval letter stated that I was allowed to go to Vietnam in the specific period. Luckily, also sent me a detailed instruction to get visa stamped at Vietnam airport. As far as I have known, there are many online websites offering Vietnam visa service, however, they only send you the pre-approval letter without the instruction. I bet that it will make you mislead information much.

Upon arrival, I went to the landing visa desk with some immigration officials working behind the windows. And there were many people waiting and queuing. I reached one window and presented my passport, the printout of my pre-approval letter. Then an official gave me an entry and exit form to fill the information in as well as glue my passport photos there. When I finished filling out the form and submitted it again. I had to wait 5-10 minutes before my name was called out. And then I paid my visa fee in cash, and my passport was stamped and came back to me. It was really straightforward as the instruction of was. And I found no difficulties at all.

Bich Ngoc

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