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Hello, I’m Ulreich, living in Bremen, Germany. Last summer,I was with my wife and daughter a great trip to Vietnam. We had a very memorable time here, include an accident when I went across the road in Hanoi. This accident had me in the hospital for two weeks and changed every flight’s schedule back home. This is also the time i experienced a visa extension in Vietnam.

I’m a man who likes to travel and always keep an eye on my visa term. So right after the incident, the second thing i did after my flight schedule was to find a way to extend my visa. Thanks to the advice of members of a foreign group in Hanoi, I know the company of and was consulted as well as very enthusiastically.

In my case, there are two options, which is extend or renew the visa. The renewal visa costs will be higher than the extension because you will be granted a new visa page and visa stamp. However, you will not be selected between renewing or extending, Immigration Department Vietnam will decide that based on your visa status. First you need to have two blank pages in the passport and your passport time must be at least 6 months from the time you decide to renew or extend. Luckily, my visa just needs to extend, I’ve saved a small amount of money.

After receiving advice from employees, i must prepare my original passport. Fortunately, their office is in Hanoi and i used express delivery services to send them my passport. Their handling time is pretty quick, i don’t remember precisely because i’m in the hospital but only from 4 to 5 days. Their visa extension price also makes sense, i use a month’s extension with only 60$, other services such as 2 and 3 months not too much, from 140$ for 2 months and 240$ for 3 months. My family consists of three people and i aloso used this service for my wife and my daughter’s visa.

After using’ s services, i felt very pleased about their professionalism. In addition to consulting very enthusiastically, fees are clearly declared and highly reputable services. It’s fortunate that i contacted in time to avoid being fined in Vietnam for overstay. In addition to Hanoi and some other big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, you can go to immigration offices, however time will be long and require more procedures.

The Vietnam trip left a lot of mark in my mind and my appearance. The experience with’ s services has made me feel very happy during that tough time. In the future, whenever come to Vietnam, I’ll be using’ s services again!

Author Ulreich, Germany

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