“Trà Chanh” – A new tea culture in Vietnam

Drinking tea has been common in Vietnam for a long time. It can be seen every formal and informal activities. It is said that the way you enjoy tea shows your social status very clearly. If you understand each type of tea , you must be very knowledgable and would be respected very much.

It is the reason why tea has appeard in almost every social activities so far. Today, I would like to share you some information related to the very unique and new stype of tea named “ tra chanh” (meaning tea with fresh lemon)

“ Tra chanh” can be found at almost “ quan coc” or street vendors in Vietnam. Coming there to enjoy “tra chanh” is truly an updated trend to Vietnamese youngsters. They can spend hours sitting around to both enjoy this drink and chit- chat. It might be said that “tra chanh” helps people to share their daily stories and update news.

If you want to enjoy and mixture with this trend, street vendors at Saint Joseph Cathedral, Dao Duy Tu street and Ly Quoc Su street is truly a good choice. Going there, you can listen to Vietnamese youngsters’ talks about all the hottest events, such as, news, music, fashion, technology and any gossips arrounding their life. Also you can learn many Vietnamese slangs there if you want to learn Vietnamese language. For me, I learned some interesting phrases like “chem gio” (chatting), “ hai lua” (very rustic), “chuoi” (very ridiculous). It is so interesing to have a new approach to Vietnam. But during sittng there, you should only order each one ( maybe a cup of tea, small dish of roasted sunflower seed )from street vendors to try out. If you order much more than one, hygiene factors will make you worried much.

Tra Chanh-1 Tra Chanh-2

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