What to see in Phu Quoc Island

The Phu Quoc Island is quite large with over 40 kilometers from north to south so you should rent a motorbike to get around Phu Quoc Island with just $10 per day. Beside, you can also rent a taxi for about $35 per day. If you want to have a motorbike tour, you should contact “D.S” Bar. Stephane, the owner, can advise you great itineraries. He used to be a tour-guide on this island; he speaks English, French and Spanish fluently. At D.S Bar, you can have a drink with good music, “flat” pool table and cheap cocktails. “D.S” Bar is opened until late night.

Roads going round the North Western corner of the island are an interesting ride with car or motorbike, the roads are quiet and safe and easy to ride. During your ride, you can stop for coffee or lunch at the Chez Carole Resort to see the views to the mouth of the Cua Can River.

an thoi phu quoc

Phu Quoc also is famous for fishing town of An Thoi at the Southern tip of the island. There are some fishing boats to see and you can also hire a boat to take you to other small islands in the South of Phu Quoc.

sao beach phu quoc

The prettiest beach on the island is Sao Beach can be founded at the Southeastern corner of the island with a restaurant/cafe and sun-bathing facilities. There are also quite nice beaches at the westernmost shores of the island and on the road east from Ganh Dau goes through dense forests.

There are beautiful pearl farms on the Western side of the island and South of Duong Dong. The Phu Quoc Pearl Farm is about 10 kilometers away, and they have a café, restaurant and a shop selling pearl products.

Phu Quoc Pearl Farm

Pepper farms at Phu Quoc Island should be visited, it clearly shown on the tourist map. The pepper plant is growing hanging from a long pole, with small green peppers in them. You can also buy pepper products to bring home as souvenirs

Phu Quoc is famous for Fish sauce. Phu Quoc’s fish sauce receives a lot of love from people not only in Vietnam but also in foreign countries. Some of the fish sauce factories can be visited.

Phu Quoc fish sauce

Ham Ninh fishing village on the East coast across the island from Duong Dong is also recommended when coming to Phu Quoc. In the dark, watching the local fishermen who uses attach lamps on their boats to attract squid is interesting thing you should not miss.

There is also a special breed of dogs that live on the island, they are similar to normal dogs except for the fact that they have 2 special markings on their back and this breed of dogs are more intelligent than others.

by Bonvini Monica

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