What to do in Cao Bang? Interesting activities in Cao Bang

Ban Gioc, Cao Bang

Cao Bang is a mountainous province in the Northwest, Vietnam. This place is blessed with the fascinating beauty of mountains, forests, rivers, magnificent waterfalls and the fascinating and typical culture, cuisine of the Northwest. You are planning your trip to explore the majestic landscapes and don’t know what to do in Cao Bang? Let’s follow Eviva Tour to discover interesting activities in this land as below.

1. Watch the majestic beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is honoured as the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia and the fourth largest in the world among the waterfalls located on a national borderline. The ideal time to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall is around September to October. You can find beautiful spots around the base of the falls to sit and take in the spectacle. You also can inspect the waterfall close from a bamboo raft or boat to watch the waterfall pouring water, pouring white foam and taking beautiful photos.

2. Kayaking in Quay Son river

Besides visiting Ban Gioc waterfall, kayaking on the Quay Son River is an interesting activity that you should try. You will have a chance to savour the picturesque countryside on the road along Quay Son river with bamboo water wheels, huge limestone karsts, green bamboo groves, vast paddy fields.

3. Explore Nguom Ngao cave

About 4km from Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao cave is one of the most spectacular cave systems in Vietnam. To reach the cave entrance, you will go through a concrete road winding along the mountain with the charming landscape. When entering the cave, you will be totally amazed when seeing stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes, sparkling and sparkling like fairy scenes. You can easily see images such as people, trees, animals, fairies brushing their hair, lotus buds, breast milk …

4. Camping at Thung Mountain

Thung mountain is located in the valley of Ban Danh hamlet, Quoc Toan commune. It is also named as Angel Eye mountain which opens up like a hidden valley, with mountains, jungle, plains and a lake. You can prepare things for camping, organize a party to eat and drink in the middle of the green grass valley, watch herds of goats and horses grazing; enjoy a relaxing moment amidst the poetic natural surroundings.

5. Admire the romantic natural scenery at Thang Hen Lake

Just 10 minutes driving from Nui Thung, you will find Thang Hen lake surrounded by beautiful jungle and mountains. There is a road that goes around a part of the lake that you can walk or drive. You can discover the lake more by doing a boat trip. You can enjoy the view of the magnificent and poetic natural scenery in harmony with the fresh and cool nature.

6. Visiting Pac Po national special relic site

Pac Bo is a special national relic site in Cao Bang. You can offer incense at a Ho Chi Minh monument and visit a museum, Karl Marx mountain, Le Nin stream,… accompanied by a tour guide. Coming here, you will explore the simple lifestyle of Uncle Ho and his revolutionary activities.

7. See the wonderful scenery of Phong Nam valley

Not too famous as Ban Gioc Waterfall, but Phong Nam valley is still a destination that is loved by many people because of its charming and poetic beauty. You can visit the Phong Nam valley of Cao Bang in autumn, around August to October, when Phong Nam is in the season of ripe rice, everywhere is filled with the golden and shiny color of the heavy rice flowers. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting peaceful space of mountains, rivers, floating clouds, and fields stretching to the horizon.

8. Conquer Me Pia pass

Me Pia pass is one of the most impressive in Vietnam with 14 turns in total, winding down the mountain. To get to the peak to see the 14-story mountain pass of Cao Bang, you have to trek through the forest, walk along the ridge to the top. From here, you can capture the panoramic view of the winding road below.

9. Visit the “unique” stone village in Cao Bang

Khuoi Ky ancient stone village is located by Khuoi Ky stream, located in Trung Khanh district. Visiting Khuoi Ky stone village, you will see with your own eyes the very unique stone houses on stilts, bearing an ancient appearance from the Mac Dynasty with pristine beauty and learn about a “stone culture space”. In addition to enjoying the nostalgic space of the stone village, you can also enjoy specialties and rustic dishes.

10. Visiting handicraft villages of ethnic groups in Quang Uyen district

There are two handicraft villages in Quang Uyen (about 42 km from Cao Bang town). You can visit Phia Thap village to see the traditional way of making incense. Pac Rang village is a traditional blacksmith village. Besides, you can experience daily activities with people and learn about their culture.

11. Walking around Kim Dong walking street and food market in Cao Bang

From 19:00 to 23:00 every Friday and Saturday, you can walk around Kim Dong walking street to play folk games, see street performances and discover the food and souvenir market with 70 stalls serving specialties of Cao Bang.

12. Enjoy famous specialties in Cao Bang

Cao Bang has many famous specialties that are native to the region. You can enjoy dishes such as: Cao Bang sticky rice, ants egg cakes, Trung Khanh chestnut, grilled agarwood fish, roasted duck with 7 seasonings,… The delicious Dien Bien dishes will definitely not make you remember forever.

Cao Bang is a land with many hidden natural and cultural values waiting for you to discover and experience. Thanks for reading Eviva’s post. Bye and see you in the next Vietnam travel experience sharing articles!

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