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“Kho lưu trữ lớn” của Việt Nam trong sản xuất và tiêu thụ bia

Vietnam has increased its position in production beer from 27th to 12th of the world and the consumption has been dramatically raised by 200% within one decade.

According to a report of Kirin Holdings, a well-know Beer Company in Japan, about the global beer volume around the world, Vietnam is among the top 25 most beer drinking countries in the world; ranking 3rd in Asia after China, Japan, but is the champion in Southeast Asia with 3.13 billion liters in 2013. This conclusion is the same in the report of Eurowatch Market Research Organization in the same year. It is said that the growth rate has never been decreased during last decade and it is expected to keep this trend next 10 years. Apart from consuming domestic beers, a large amount of imported beer is spent. Mr. Michel de Carvalho – the owner of Heineken forecasts Vietnam will become the largest beer market of this brand beer in the world in 2015.

These impressive numbers are good in every aspect. 90% of Vietnamese men drink beer and there is 25% use alcohol at harmful levels, equivalent to 6 cups of beer per day. It absolutely has negative influence on not only health but also family happiness (cause of family violence), accidents on road and work effectiveness.

The Vietnam Ministry of Health and related ministries are drafting laws on prevention of the harmful effects of alcohol. The purpose of this law is to control alcohol consumption as well as reduce the harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

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