Seguimi, papà

Before his daughter enters the 1st grade, Mr. Lee presents her a trip to Da Nang, Vietnam and the albumFollow me, papa,was performed during this journey.

L'album fotografico “Follow me, papawhich is posted on Facebook of Mr. Lee has received much praise with thousands of likes and shares among online community. The real name of Mr.Lee is Bui Viet Son – the beginner of vintage style for wedding photography in Vietnam and is the first person to bring new trend of wedding photography in the giant studio from overseas to Vietnam. He is a single father with her 6-year-old daughter lovely called Curly and before her daughter enrolls into the first grade, Mr.Lee gave the trip Danang, Hoi An as a spirit gift.

L'album “Follow me, papa,was taken during this journey with the beautiful stylish little girl handling her father during the trip in Da Nang, Hoi An. Most viewers admire the great idea of father and the model ability, natural act in front of camera of young daughter. More importantly, everyone can see uncountable love in the eyes of both father and daughter in each picture.

You can see more at the father’s Facebook:

Follow me, PaPa-1

Il papà prepara con cura costumi ogni giorno con lo sguardo amorevole

Follow me, PaPa-2

In Ancient Town, Hoi An

Follow me, PaPa-3

Su Ba Na superiore con uno splendido scenario come un castello fiabesco

Follow me, PaPa-4

Sulla spiaggia Da Nang

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