Visiting Vietnam: 5 things you should do

You are going to visit Vietnam – one of the most beautiful countries in the The Orient. And with an aim to help you well- prepare with the new culture and lifestyle there, the post below is released with the to-do list.

Apply Vietnam visa before your trip: To avoid trouble , you should either apply it at Vietnam Embassy or book online. With the thinking that everything can be done at airport, my friend had a big trouble with the delay of the flight and trip in Vietnam as well. It is such a bitter experience that he has been stressing for those who are planning to go to Vietnam.

– You should collect enough information of Vietnam, such as, the weather, famous destinations and Vietnamese characteristics and etc. For example, in Vietnam, always dress appropriately is highly recommended as it helps you show your respect for their culture and create good impression with them. In case you do not have enough time to collect information, you should ask some locals there, or travel agencies like Eviva Tour, Saigon tour, Hanoi tour… They are always willing to support you.

– Leave your important documents at hotel: Frankly speaking that pickpocketing in Vietnam is quite popular, you should leave your excess cash, airline tickets, passports and valuables at the hotels’ safety deposit box.

– Keep/ control your temper: Image that there is a bargain insisting on your purchase, you should not get angry, but always maintain a cool behavior. It helps you easily overcome all. It might be said that losing temper is the clear signal of your failure. Therefore try to keep your temper in all situations as much as you can.

– Always ask permission if you want to do some personal purpose: I faced some trouble when trying to take the photos of military installations in Military Museum without permission as it can be seen as a breach of national security.

You should apply the list above to make your trip in Vietnam more unforgettable.

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