10 best Coffee views in Danang, Vietnam

To describe the custom and culture of three regions in our country, people often say: “The northerners eat – dress. The central eat – drink. The southerners eat – play”. Da Nang which is a beautiful city in central area has many delicious foods and various cafes. This article will introduce some beautiful cafe views which can’t be ignored in Da Nang.

1. The Old Space Coffee

The coffee has old space with the ancient houses construction made from rare antique woods. It has bar, restaurant and coffee area where you can visit after hard working. This coffee is also a suitable place for holding parties with your relatives and colleagues.

Although the prices in this coffee are more expensive than others in the city, you will feel the differences because of its architecture, style and valuable history.

2. Rafew Coffee

Rafew Coffee

Located at 58, Hoang Van Thu street, the coffee has the wonderful view thanks to its green space, dynamism and style. Each floor is divided appropriately, which makes the customers feel comfortable to have their own space. The coffee is very suitable for the teens who like taking photo and the people who do their assignment. The coffee isn’t too special in the architecture but gets a good impression of customers. The entrance is also designed impressively with a short bridge across the big fish lake and two ranges of green trees, one cute rocking chair. That’s why this coffee usually attracts people to take wedding photos or model photos.

3. Memory Lounge
Memory Lounge

The coffee is located next to Han river. Sitting near that river and glass wall and enjoying a cup of coffee with the view of slow river’s current and the city light is wonderful.

4. Lu Coffee

Lu Coffee
It’s a place where visitors feel peaceful and cozy, avoid the fast and noisy pace of life.

Address: 79 Hoang Van Thu, Phuoc Ninh, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

5. Villa Coffee
Villa coffee

A caffee has the wonderful garden in the city center. The first impression in this coffee is very luxurious. The garden and the decoration are also impressive. The subtleness and perfection in every harmonious detail as well as the large campus make the difference between this coffee with others, which attracts the customers.

6. Paramount Coffee

Paramount Coffee

The coffee is located at 100 Bach Dang and designed with the airy top floor in which you can see people, boats and rafts on Han river. Coffee film area has the attractive adventurous films and the sing room for people who like music. The coffee is suitable for people who like to see the river while listening to soft melody. Specially, Paramount Coffee has a gift shop with the lovely presents for you to give your friends.

7. Daisy Coffee

Daisy Coffee

It’s an ideal coffee for you to make an appointment. The coffeé is ancient, gentle but romantic. A unique place you can’t forget.

8. Up Coffee

Up Coffee

The small and lovely coffee is suitable for the young people to take photos. The space is also great.

Address: 72 Ham Nghi, Vinh Trung, Thanh Khe.

9. Dooble House Coffee

Dooble House Coffee

The construction is designed attractively with the pieces of wood are joined together, the wood frame containing stuffs,… The furniture is also decorated well and lovely.

Address: 165 Ly Tu Trong, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

10. Nia Coffee

Nia Coffee

A Coffee has the natural space with many green trees and a fish lake. It will be wonderful to go there if you are stressful. Listening the sound of wind and see the clear sky is also great.

Address: 3 Phan Thanh Tai, Hai Chau.

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