Try out café in Da Lat

Dalat is also famous for its coffee, which is grown locally, and there are plenty of enticing cafes where you can try it.

AnTien Café: Located at one of the most beautiful corners in the city, with a romantic and peaceful atmosphere, the old French villa was surrounded by grassplots, flowers and ornamental plants. AnTien Coffee attracted a large number of visitors per day. Snacks and beverages arewell worth your try. Of course, visitors always ask for several cups of An Tien tea, which is a famous tea brand in the city of thousand flowers.
Address: 20 A Le Hong Phong St., Da Lat

Rainy Café: The café is unique and charming. Let’s have a drink and take a look at falling drops of rain, surprisingly, they are totally man – made. The café sets among stone-built houses, wooden housesand vintage villas nestling in vast green lawn near small springs and waterfalls. The café is ideal for family union. Parents and children often enjoy a good meal, going for a walk or taking several photo shoots together.
Address: 24b / 1 Hung VuongSt., DaLat

Rainy Café-2 Rainy Café-3 Rainy Café-4 Rainy Café-5

Song Vy Café: Formerly being an old beautiful French country mansion, the house was now a charming café. Song Vy Café offers a variety ofexotic and food and drink, especially a wine cellar full of dozen of famous wines made in France, Italy, Chile, Argentina and U.S. What could be more interesting than sitting in front of the fireplace in the wine cellar, having a meal andenjoying time with friendsat night while listening to the piano? The atmosphere is cozy and so pleasant.
Address: 22 Nguyen Du St., Da Lat

Song Vy Café-1 Song Vy Café-3

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