Trekking in Ho Chi Minh Trail

If you are interested in trekking in Vietnam, in addition to mountainous paths in Nothern Vietnam like Na Hang – Tuyen Quang, Ba Be – Bac Can, Y Ty Bat Xat – Lao Cai, Mu Cang Chai and Ta Si Lang – Yen Bai …, trekking lovers also cannot ignore one of the most attractive and also dangerous places to go – the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Trail connects Hoa Lac in Hanoi and Kon Tum in Central Highlands, passing through 20 provinces. This is also an ideal place to discover natural landscapes, small villages as well as famous historical sites in Vietnam. It also provides great opportunities for tourists to explore local culture … Such interesting tour attracts a large number of both domestic and international visitors, especially those who do trekking for the love of adventure.

Trekking in Ho Chi Minh Trail-2

After traveling westward from Ha Tinh to Quang Binh, tourists flock to one of the most famous tourist destination in Vietnam namely Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park which is recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage. Here visitors can walk inside dense forests to explore pristine mountain forests and spectacular natural caves. Hang En definitely surprises visitors due to its size and beauty. This is a very dark cave which is home to flocks of bats.

Also, along the path visitors also encounter famous historical monuments during the war of resistance against America: Xuan Son ferry landing, Khe Gat airport, Tam Co Cave, Truong Son Cemetery …

Ho Chi Minh Trail obtains great tourism potentials so that it has become a potential tourism area. Visitors can visit old battlefields and historical monuments during wars in Vietnam. Tours are also held for educational purposes. It allows Vietnamese generations to learn about revolutionary traditions. Historic Ho Chi Minh trail plays its important role not only in tourism but also in cultural development; particularly, it provides a link between the past, the present and the future.

Writter – Linh Thao

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