Memorable experience about getting Vietnam visa emergency

Vietnam visa urgent

I decided to tell my memorable experience about getting Vietnam visa emergency. I think at least it will help someone out there who might encounter the same situation as me.

Last year, I chose Vietnam as a destination for a 12-day trip from Russia. I seek information about visa on google, and found out our citizens are not required visa to come to Vietnam, so it was easy for me to prepare all the remaining things. After an amazing trip around Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, through my close friend’s advice, I continue to spend extra 4 days traveling to Cambodia before returning to Vietnam to discover northern mountainous provinces. Everything was absolutely great, but except an awful thing that I wished I could carefully research before: Second entry to Vietnam must be 30 DAYS away from the first time. If not, I had to get a new visa! So you know, I was stuck at the Phnompenh Airport. No one could tell how disappointed I was at that time 🙂

Cause I was in a rush, my upcoming flight to Vietnam was 6 hours ahead, I didn’t have time to find Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia as well as E-visa (as I know that E-visa will take at least 2 days to process). So immediately I thought about urgent visa. I found a ton of companies provided this kind of service on the internet, their price up to 50$, even 60$ to get my visa on time, how could that be expensive??

After an intense panic attack, among the heaps of companies, I found a website of a visa agent on google. I wasn’t sure about them at first, I thought it would be like those firms. But when I read on their website, their price is much more affordable than the others, I only needed 20$ to get a visa approval sent to my email after 4 hours (have to admit I was really relieved when I saw this price), and therefore, I gave them a try.

I contacted their staff, told them my emergency case. Then I filled all my information into an application form as their wholehearted instruction, and wait. I was a bit worried in the meantime, I didn’t know whether I could continue my trip to Vietnam or not. And you know what? Just one next hour, they sent me my visa approval letter back! Hard to believe right? But it’s happened to me. Their service is so more than I expected.

Eventually, I completely finished my own tour Vietnam-Cambodia-Vietnam thanks to excellent service from Visa Team. I want to say thank you again to help me get through an experience that interesting and stressful at the same time.


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