My first impression of Sapa, Vietnam

Walking through the villages in Sapa

I have took a trip to Vietnam with my wife last week and I was surprised a minority area in Vietnam – Sapa and Vietnam has amused me even when I came back to the United Kingdom.

I still remembered a fascinating tour in Sapa, Vietnam. Can you believe that we came to Sapa by an accident? At first, we did not suppose to visit Sapa but an old village named Dong Van province, however, like a coincident, our flight was delayed because of a storm and Eviva Tour guide suggest me to have a look at another attractive destination in Vietnam, it was Sapa. Sapa welcome me by a heavy rain but the sky turned into blue and had beautiful sunshine immediately.

We were amused by the weather here because it actually was four seasons within 1 day and I am sure that you will be treated by special weather in Sapa. For the most, it has a beautiful landscape and kind of special field. We supposed to “go green” in this tour to Vietnam.

Then we were surprised by English skill of domestic president here, it was so great and we were never afraid to be lost in Sapa. When doing my tour in Vietnam, Sapa made me feel like as home because of their friendly people and Western foods. You cannot find it difficult to enjoy Western food or Indian curry in Sapa, and we harmonized with the food festival in Sapa. What impressed us the most is 3 days home stay in Dao family, which is a minority in Sapa.

This was fantastic trip we only found in Eviva tour. We had tried to make a carpet and cooked sticky rice and learned the traditional dance of Dao people. As lived close to the people in Sapa, we had chance to experience about Vietnamese culture and the hospitality of people here. You won’t be a tourist in Sapa, but you could be a resident enjoying the life here and if you have a desire, you could donate for this destination via a program at EVIVA tour. We have got a responsible trip to Sapa.

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