Making the decision: To overnight bus or not to overnight bus

In recent years, besides the common passenger vehicles (seating car/bus) many providers use sleeping bus operation to serve tourists. A few below notes hopefully will help you to experience an enjoyable journey while sleeping on the bus.

Safety: Fasten your belt, especially with the bed upstairs.

Don’t underestimate the tales of fellow travelers or internet advice-givers. If someone tells you that the overnight busses tend to fly off the road, you should consider how true or untrue that may be and actually do some research since there is often some truth to people’s concerns, so talk to other travelers who have completed the same journeys. Some routes are not generally traveled at night (or at all) by locals.

Clothing and food

Luggage should be at the storage of bottom of the car. Because the bed has small space so you should carry things are really necessary.
Think of the bus like a tiny survivalist expedition. You’ll need to dress in layers, for any kind of weather, and in some places, you may want a poncho/blanket, a sleeping bag. Visitors have to put shoe in a plastic bag to keep, not be allowed to bring to the bed. So using sandals will make it easier to move.You’ll probably also want some water (in a small-mouthed bottle, unless you enjoy the mid-bus ride bath), lip balm, and some food but keep it simple: crackers, cookies, fruit, nuts, a sandwich.

Other essentials

You’ll also want some entertainment. A friend is good, but an MP3 player is smaller and less conflictive. You’ll also want earplugs which you can use to block out crying babies, nearby snorers, ruffling roosters.

An eye mask gives you an air of mystery and also prevents you from seeing just how close the oncoming traffic is coming to the side of your bus. Toilet paper should accompany you everywhere, serving alternately to mop, clean, wipe.

Some providers for sleeping bus in Vietnam now are: Hoang Long, Mai Linh, Phuong Trang (Futa), Tra Lan Vien (Sai Gon – Nha Trang), TM Brothers (Sai Gon – Nha Trang), Phuong Nam…

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