Cinq conseils pour Voyage avec des enfants

Traveling with kids is completely different from traveling solo or as a couple. It depends on your preparation that the trip may be the best or the worst experience you have as a family. Purpose of this post is to share some experience that I have gained through my trip with my kids, in hopes that it will help other families.

1. Pack light

Bring only the essentials and you will travel cheaper (no extra fee for excess luggage), faster (less items to keep track of), more convenience (easy to carry) and less vulnerable to be pick-pocketed. Kids can require a lot of stuff. However, if you forget something, you can always buy it at your destination.

2. Pack smart

Select versatile and comfortable clothes. Instead of folding clothes, you should roll them. Underwear, socks and other small items should be put inside shoes to save space.

You kids may be easily to get lost, especially in crowed places while you are busy with handling your luggage or buying entry tickets. Therefore, you should bring distinctive or brightly colored clothes for your kids to make them more visible.

Pack essentials items for your kids such as napkins, wet wipes, snacks…along with your passport and travel documents in your carry-on bag.

3. Slow pace itinerary

Do not attempt to include too many destinations and activities in your itinerary. Your kids need more time to eat, sleep and break, otherwise, they will be tired and cranky. The pace of the trip should be set to what your youngest child can handle. Try and put yourself in your kids shoes and arrange activities that the kids like and enjoy doing when traveling. If you can avoid cranky children it will make for a much more pleasant experience.

4. Bring things for your kids to entertain

Favorite toys can be a lifesaver for kids (and also for you) on a long flight, train or car rides. Toys can prevent kids from getting bored and turning into cranky.

5. Choose hotels with kid-friendly location

Again, kids’s need and ability should be put in the centre of your plan. Stay in a safe and central area that’s close to local attractions, restaurants, the beach, the park, and all preferably within walking distance. This will save you time, money, and your kids from getting overtired.

Happy Travels!

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