10 tips for Ha Long Bay tour

Are you going to Ha Long this summer? Do you feel excited to explore a destination recognized by UNESCO? But do you know how to prepare well for your trip? Eviva Tour Vietnam Co.Ltd would show you some useful tips for you before coming to Ha Long.

#1: Time for vocation

Ha Long is located at the North of Vietnam where have four main seasons, especially winter (start from November to the next March) which has cold weather and summer (start from April to October) every year. Due to the distinct weather in Ha Long, so it is attractive for the whole seasons, in details, summer is the most ideal time for domestic visitors, while the foreigners are impressed by the winter in Ha Long.

In the summer, it is the tourist season in Ha Long, therefore, you should go on your holiday due to: from March to May, and from August to October and you should not go from June to July because of the following reasons:
– The weekend in June and July is the peak days, then the number of tourists in Ha Long soars and some travelers might feel uncomfortable and the price will high as well.
– There are a lot of hurricanes hit the Gulf of Tonkin and Ha Long, so you must be careful when arriving in Ha Long at this moment.
– If you have to come to Ha Long at this time because of a vacation, please book a tour package of a travel agency, so they will help you to minimize the above weaknesses.

#2: Preparing luggage

In the summer, the temperature in Ha Long is high so this will make your skin is dry and get sunburned. Essential stuff of your vocation is sun cream (usually the cream had SPF 30 or higher).

If you specially care about your hair and your skin, you should prepare shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc even it is prepared already in the hotel, but it might be substandard. If you want to close to the nature or you love sightseeing, you should prepare sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat that will help you minimize the disadvantages of hot weather.

In Ha Long, you will go to the beach and visit the caves, so you should prepare a slipper for your comfortable tour. And you also need to prepare swim suit as the most important item, or if you are in rush and cannot prepare swim suit, therefore, you could hire at the beach from 25.000vnd to 50.000vnd. If you travel with children, you should prepare swimming float.

If you desire photograph, camera is a vital item, you must bring a camera with you to capture your memorable scenery.

#3: Roadmap and Vehicles:

Turning to means of transport and route, there are many ways to choose depending on your preference and your conditions. Starting in Ho Chi Minh City, you could take a train to Ha Noi, then go by bus to Ha Long Bay or take a bus route: Ho Chi Minh City-Hai Phong then go to Ha Long. You can save money by following that route but it takes times. To save time, you can take a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hai Phong or to Ha Noi, then go to Ha Long Bay.

It is 170km from Ha Noi to Ha Long, then it takes you 3-4 hours travelling by bus. You can take Hoang Long Express on Kim Ma street, just taking 15 minutes a trip. If you want to book a ticket, please call: (04) 3845 2846. At Long Bien or Gia Lam bus station, there are high quality buses to Ha Long. Moreover, it is a train from Ha Noi to Ha Long starting from Yen Vien station at 4.55pm every day.
Price from Ha Noi to Ha Long is 60.000vnd (going by bus).

#4. Hotel in Ha Long

There are a lots of hotels 3 star and 4 star in Ha Long located in Bai Chay tourism area. The price of 3 star hotel is 474.000vnd/room in 1 day.
Here are some recommended hotels:
Halong Plaza (08 Halong Road); Dream Halong (Halong Road 10); Mithrin (Hung Thang); Halong Pearl (Bai Chay); Ha Long Bay (Halong road)

#5. Cruise

You could experience one night on the yacht on Ha Long Bay that involve you in interesting activities such as sightseeing the sunset or sunrise, practice kayak, swimming, karaoke, etc. The overnight tour in Ha Long Bay could last 2 or 3 days as your preference. There are different categories of yacht such as 3 star which the price is 2,200,000 for 2 days trip, or luxury yacht from 4 to 5 star. You could contact with travel agency to have the best price and promotion.

#6. Food

There are lots of restaurants from affordable to luxury. If you want to enjoy seafood in Ha Long, you could visit Sea Food restaurant (Ha Long street), Thu Huong restaurant (Ha Long street), Noi Nho restaurant (Tran Hung Dao street)

#7. Vehicle and sightseeing

If you travel insight the city, you could use taxi such as Taxi 886 – Mong Cai (033.886 886), Ha Long (033. 628 628), Mai Linh (033.847 631). Part from hiring a yacht, you could book vessel to travel around Ha Long Bay. The price depends on types of vessel. If you travel in a group of 10-15 people, you could hire a separate small wood boat and if you travel alone, you should ask the hotel for booking and the price is 40.000vnd per person. It is possible for the early morning trip or afternoon trip for your comfortable travel and leisure.

#8. Entertainment

There are a lot of beautiful destinations in Ha Long. You could go by taxi to Tuan Chau island and from the gate, visitors could graze with veneration at villas having international standard on the hill and the restaurants decorated following Vietnamese imperial style. In the center of Tuan Chau, visitors will be overwhelmed by the unique performance of dolphins, seals, sea lions.

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