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Du lịch ẩm thực ở Huế

Đây là lần đầu tiên tôi tham gia tour ẩm thực của Eviva tour Việt Nam tại thành phố Huế and I am totally addicted to the sophisticate and variety of Hue foods. I start my tour be riding a bicycle to a small but crowded restaurant in the main street to enjoy Hue’s rice cake.

Bánh gạo nhỏ

Bánh gạo nhỏ

It is tiny cakes made from rice, shrimp and other spices and to eat with fish source which only have in Vietnam. It bring the fascinate flavor of shrimp, the spicy of chill harmonizing with the rich flavor of fish source and the soft of rice cake. It likes a starter before I am served the main dish is mussel noodle and kind of roll.

Bún hến nhiều gia vị ở Huế

Bún hến nhiều gia vị

The two dishes are eaten with lots of vegetable and a special sauce. It is delightful flavor of different vegetable and the tasty of pork meet.

Lăn ở Huế
Đi dọc theo Huong River, the breeze is blowing, the Huong River is sparkling under the sun that is peaceful. Then my taste is served by the sweet of “che Hue” in an alley. It is made from kinds of sweet fruit or sweet potatoes, coin. It is kind of dessert and a little bit too sweet to me, but it is worth to try.

Chè ở Huế

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